If we are thinking of buying screens for our doors then Anderson screen doors might be the one we are looking for. These doors are well known for its quality, vast designs, and ergonomic features. There are a lot of screen doors out there thus it is best if we take a look at their specifications and how reliable is the company that manufactures them.

About Anderson Company

The Anderson Corporation is known as the biggest door and window manufacturer in North America. Since 1903, it makes competitive and better products compared to others and it continues to help families create a beautiful and comfortable home. They boast their commitment to high standards and their search for constant improvement of their products through the years. Currently, they offer a wide selection of doors that have distinct physical and usage characteristics. Whether we are looking for economy or high end materials and design, they make sure to provide it for us with the same quality workmanship and dependable performance.

200 Series – White Sliding Screen

This type of screen is 35 1/8 inches in width and 77 9/16 inches in height. It has a frame made of aluminum and a fiberglass or plastic screen. The aluminum has high resistance to corrosion or rust. The material used for the screen, however, is durable to damages and bumps. It is also designed to have a dark color that minimizes glare as it is exposed to light.  This screen already has holes on it which saves us effort during installation. Anderson sliding screen doors are generally produced to be compatible with Anderson patio doors only. Moreover, in rare cases that it wears off through time, Anderson replacement sliding screen doors are readily available at our local home improvement stores.

400 Series – Self Storing

This is a single ventilation door and a retractable screen door. It has a 1-inch aluminum frame with deadbolt pins to provide us extra protection.  When the screen is not used, the retractable screen slides in the frame and completely hides it. The door has a hard woodcore that is resistant to moisture. The company gives us assurance for its quality by providing us 10 year warranty when we purchase this product. This screen door is ideal for houses with limited spaces because the retractable screen does not need to occupy too much room.

2500 Series – Self Storing And Slide Away

This series has a 1 ¼-inch aluminum frame and it has durable corners that prevent sagging through time. It has a single vent and typical clear glass with retractable screen. Its vent, although in one piece, has unlimited positions. The retractable screen also slides in the frame to keep it away from sight. For added protection, it has a deadbolt that is rekeyable in nature. The door also has a feature wherein we can let it stay open with just a push of a button.

3000 Series – Self Storing Truease With Truscene

The key feature in this series is that it has ultra fine screen that has 50% more clarity compared to other conventional screens. This helps us get a clearer vision of the view outside our door. It has a 1 1/2 – inch aluminum frame and tough corners to resist sagging. The screen is fixed to the door that has moving panels. It has unlimited positions in its vents that help save cooling costs during the summer season.

Anderson Products Retailer

If for instance we want to repair or replace our screen doors with a new one, Anderson replacement screen doors and Anderson screen doors replacement parts are available in Home Depot. That is the biggest retailer store that holds Anderson products. To have an overview of the items that they offer, we can always take a look at their website.

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